Captek Nano
Captek Nano™ has been introduced in 2007 specially designed for advanced applications.
This is the new advanced Captek™ materials utilizing the latest in Nano technologies.
84% Gold 5.3% platinum 7.2% palladium
Nano Bridge and Implant
Strong Captek™ coping specifically designed to provide an ideal base for metal-ceramic bridges of any length, and for implant restorations, single or multiple units. A final coping thickness of 0.28mm.
Nano Universal
Provides an ideal base for all single unit crowns. A final coping thickness of 0.23mm.
Nano Esthetic Zone
An even thinner metal coping allows porcelain esthetics for anterior teeth, without compromising any of the Captek™ advantages. A final coping thickness that is ≤ 0.2mm.
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