What is Captek™?
Why is Captek esthetically superior to all-ceramic restorations?
What features of the composite metal make Captek restorations so esthetic?
Is Captek™ indicated for combination cases with all-ceramics or veneers?
Do Captek™ crowns and bridges have the strength to withstand posterior forces even with bruxers?
What is the minimum wall thickness of a Captek coping?
Is Captek™ indicated where occlusal space is considered large?
Is Captek™ healthy?
Should Captek™ be considered for patients with or without periodontal conditions?
Captek Bridges
Is Captek™ indicated for bridges?
What is the maximum pontic span for Captek™ bridges?
What are the benefits of Captek Bridges in addition to esthetics, strength and health?
How is a Captek bridge fabricated?
What type of porcelain is compatible with Captek™?
Can press-to ceramics be applied to Captek™?
Clinical Questions
What cement is recommended?
Are metal collars possible with Captek™?
What type of preparation can be used for Captek™?
Is Captek™ indicated for implant abutments?
Are porcelain butt margins indicated for Captek and if so, when?
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