Captek™ is an ideal alternative to a conventional dental crown. This unique scientific breakthrough enables the creation of natural looking, long-lasting crowns and bridges that, most importantly, are healthier for the surrounding gums.
The Captek™ technology is the outcome of over 30 years of research by its inventors.
The two inventors; an internationally renowned Prosthodontist and world-class dental technician, worked together with the sole purpose of developing the best restoration for their own patients.

It is unique in its composition.
By creating a composite metal from noble metals exclusively, the beneficial
characteristics of the different noble metals were preserved.
Therefore there will never be formation of oxides, allergies,or inflammatory response.
Captek™ is composed purely from high noble metals.
It is unique in its long lasting esthetics
Captek™ does not change over time. There will never be any corrosion and will not deteriorate over time, for the pure gold and platinum content. Porcelain will be unaffected and the gigiva will remain healthy therefore the optical esthetics of the final crown will last for many years.
It is unique in its physical properties.
Captek™ enjoys the advantages of gold, with the strength of the Palladium and Platinum. For centuries, gold has been known as the preferred material for dental restorations. Captek's advanced technology combines all the advantages of high-purity gold, without sacrificing the strength. 
It is unique in its fabrication and performance. 
The Captek™ coping is created directly on a refractory die, without casting or milling. 
This exceptional technique allows great accuracy, and custom design.
Years of research and patient satisfaction have proven that Captek™ crowns are durable, accurate, resistant to harmful bacteria and plaque, and – as is apparent to the viewer - attractive. high-purity gold, without sacrificing the strength.
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