Captek™ unique technologies are the result of years of intensive research.
Since 1972 Dr. Itzhak Shoher and Mr. Aharon Whiteman have engaged in research of prosthodontic and esthetic dental materials.
Their research was driven by their desire to provide superior crowns and bridges to their patients beyond those available in the commercial dental market.
Through the years they have developed multiple dental technologies and materials, to name a few RPS (Reenforced porcelain system/Inzoma) and the Renaissance system.
Their aim was to develop materials that will be highly biocompatible, will provide exceptionally good esthetics and will be practical with everyday dental treatments.
Three intensive research years yielded phenomenal new developments in the field of the gold and platinum group metallurgy – the Captek™.
First generation Captek™ was introduced to the international dental community in 1993.
Captek™ has been marketed by Precious Chemicals since 1996.
In the following years Precious Chemicals has developed multiple additional products that provide multiple solutions to exceptional high demands. 
The newest and most significant member of the Captek™ family being the Captek Nano™ which was introduced in 2007.
It provides solutions to long bridges as well as implant-supported restorations as well as advanced properties for esthetic challenges.
To date, close to 10 million Captek™ units were done in the USA alone.
A world known prosthodontist in the field of esthetic dentistry, Dr. Itzhak Shoher, collaborated with Aharon Whiteman CDT,  in research of dental materials for many years.
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