Clinical Procedures
Tooth Preparation
Margin Placement
• Doctors choice:
– Margins may be placed equi, sub and/or supra gingival.

Note: Margin placement many times will dictate the desired coping design
much like a standard PFM. With sub or equi gingival margin placement, the
extreme health potential of CaptekTM will help to protect the restored
tooth, maximize bacterial plaque control, encourage long term tissue
stability and eliminate dark lines over time.
Axial Wall Reduction
  • Reduction: 1-1.5 mm
  • Taper: Less than 22 degrees.
  • Height: Posterior 4 mm/Anterior 3 mm
Note: As with standard preparation protocol, when normal prep height
and taper are lacking, resistance and form can be achieved with more
parallel axial walls and/or with retention groves.
Occlussal Reduction
• 1.5 mm minimum

Note: Maximum porcelain strength and idealized functional anatomy are
achieved with at least 1.5 mm of restoration thickness. Use of occlusal
clearance taps (I.E. Prep CheckTM, Commonsense Dental Products or
Flexible Clearance TabsTM, KerrLab) is reported as being helpful for
validating posterior clearance.
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