Clinical Procedures
Any type of cement can be used with Captek.
Advised to regard the Captek crown as any ceramo-metal crown.
Surface Conditioning: 
Light (20 to 40 lbs.) aluminum oxide (50 um) abrading of internal
surface is needed when:
– Preparation lacks resistance and retention form.
– Molar crowns
– Bonding

Final Cementation:
– Light lining of cement is all that is needed.
– Seat crown with steady and light pressure.
Try in
• Expect an extremely accurate fit that is:
– Passive yet complete
– Seats without pressure

Note: Minor modifications can be made to Captek's internal surface. Fit
checker is recommended to identify specific areas that might be binding.
In the rare occasion that major adjustments are necessary, it is recommended
to re-impress and send case to laboratory for evaluation
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