Oxide Free
Captek metal coping is the only coping for PFM that has no oxide formation.
Captek is composed of pure noble metals, which do not react with the surroundings and do not form oxides.
Captek™ is a unique metal coping made of high noble precious metals, primarily gold. Its special internal structure and composition will resist oxide formation, even beyond pure gold, as seen in research. This exceptional property maintains the porcelain natural characteristics and original color and luster.

Absence of oxides is a major advantage to all surrounding structures from the gingiva to the porcelain. Oxides from crown’s margins penetrate the adjacent gingiva, causing discoloration and in some cases even an inflammatory reaction. Oxide formation on the regular crown margins make the surface rough causing more plaque accumulation, which will lead to gingivitis that may advance to periodontitis. The oxide free surface of Captek™ ensures that no such reactions will occur.
In conventional crown systems metals oxidize, during porcelain firing causing overall grayish look especially in the margin areas. Over time, even when in the oral environment the metals continue to oxidize, and further discoloration of the porcelain by dispersion of oxide molecules. Captek™ metals do not oxide in the oral cavity and under any oral circumstances, preserving the original color of the crown and porcelain.
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