Captek crowns and bridges are kind to the periodontal tissues. Captek is a highly biocompatible material, with a precise polished margin and a shock absorbing resilient substructure.

1. Biocompatibility. Captek™ has a high noble metal composition, and a unique composite metal structure that provides high biocompatibility to the oral cavity. Captek™ is composed of solely high noble metals with exceptional high purity that does not oxides under any oral circumstances, and does not corrode over time. Captek™ has a composite metal structure that produces micro-electrical bi-polar stimulation which seems to positive simulate the tissue cells around it.

2. Accuracy. The minimal gap and high smoothness of the Captek™ crown margin eliminates tissue irritation that is so often found around other crown materials.

3. Shock Absorption. Captek™ exclusive structure with its shock absorbing property, protects the supporting bone around the tooth or implant.
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